Cell Migration: How a Wound Closes (Picture: Max-Planck-Institute for Intelligent Systems)… more

Soft X-ray Spectroscopy Meets Electrochemistry (Image © Sebastian Kaulitzki - Fotolia.com)… more

Pittcon 2015 in New Orleans… more

X-ray Imaging Method Captures Living Cells - Image Credit: Gjis van der Schot/Universität Uppsala… more

Cell Migration: How a Wound Closes

Cell Migration: For wounds to close, cells need to move collectively in one direction in a coordinated fashion. Until now the central molecular ...

Stem Cells from Pulled Teeth Might Yield a Cure for Blindness

Stem Cell Research: Recent research aimed at finding a treatment for a common form of blindness could give new meaning to the term "eye teeth." In a ...

Angewandte Chemie: Free-standing Monolayers Made From Protein-bound Gold Nanoparticles

Free-standing nanoparticle films are of great interest for technical applications, such as the development of nanoelectronic devices. In the journal ...

Stem Cell Specialization in the Brain Observed

Adult stem cells are flexible and can transform themselves into a wide variety of special cell types. Because they are harvested from adult ...

Particle Size Measurement at the Push of a Button: 10 nm – 2000 µm

With the Fritsch Laser Particle Sizers Analysette 22 MicroTec plus (0.08 - 2000 µm) and NanoTec plus (0.01 - 2000 µm) particle measurement becomes a ...

Variable Speed Rotor Mill – the All-purpose Mill for Rapid Comminution

The Fritsch Variable Speed Rotor Mill Pulverisette 14 grinds rapid and effectively soft to medium-hard, brittle as well as fibrous samples. Difficult ...

Fritsch Sieve Shakers: Everything you Need for Sieving

The Fritsch sieve range is the focused answer to all typical sieving tasks in the laboratory: three well-conceived instruments for every application, ...

Brady: Durable Cryo Sample Identification with Labels for Frozen Surfaces

Brady FreezerBondz labels deliver crisp, clear and permanent identification, protecting all of your critical samples. Watch how Freezerbondz Lab ...

Processing Cocoa Beans in the Laboratory

The most important products which we as consumers come in contact with are cocoa beverages and chocolate. The most important characteristic trait for ...

Comminution of Pills

The determination of substances contained in tablets after the production process is mandated according to the analytical rules of the German and ...

Particle Analysis with the Camera

Dynamic Image Analysis is a perfect method if not only the particle size of powders is to be determined, but if you also want to ascertain something ...

Soft X-ray Spectroscopy Meets Electrochemistry

A new in-situ Cell for X-ray Absorption and Emission

Core and valence based X-ray spectroscopies host many well-established element specific methods to study the electronic structure of materials and to ...

In 1928 Alexander Fleming made his groundbreaking discovery of penicillin. Antibiotics have since been our most powerful weapons against bacterial ...

Automated Sample Preparation

An Overview for the Proteomics Laboratory

Automation - Genomes of many species, including that of humans have been decoded with modern genomic methods such as „second generation sequencing". ...

PALME: A New Tool for Sample Preparation

Parallel Artificial Liquid Membrane Extraction (PALME)

Miniaturization of liquid-liquid extraction into liquid-phase microextraction (LPME) has gained significant interest in recent years, and represents ...

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