Where can you obtain good quality cell lines? And how can you keep good quality lab stocks? Image: © Sven Hoppe - Fotolia.com… more

High-throughput Screening Reveals Potential Risk of Nanoparticles… more

Protein-Protein Interactions Investigated by DLS: Determination at High and Low Protein Concentration… more

Silver-functionalized Monolithic Silica for HPLC: Potentials and Challenges for the Separation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons… more

Egnaton's 4th Annual Conference Will Take Place in Milano Soon

The 4th Conference of Egnaton - the European Association of Sustainable Laboratories - will take place from May 27 - 28, at the Mario Negri Institute ...

Radiation Tolerant ‘Cleaning’ Alga Discovered

The micro-alga - called Coccomyxa actinabiotis - was discovered in a used fuel cell storage pool at a nuclear facility and is capable of withstanding ...

Analytik Jena: Michel Alric New Managing Director

Analytik Jena has gained a new top manager for its subsidiary in France with Michel Alric, previously Sales Manager EMEA at GE Water & Process ...

High-throughput Screening Reveals Potential Risk of Nanoparticles

Thousands of consumer products - including cosmetics, sunscreens, and clothing - contain nanoparticles added by manufacturers to improve texture, ...

Retsch's High Energy Ball Mill Emax

Retsch's Emax is an entirely new type of ball mill for high energy milling. The unique combination of high friction and impact results in extremely ...

RC900: KNF Lab Presents Its First Rotary Evaporator

KNF Lab's first rotary evaporator, the RC900, was presented for the first time at Analytica 2014.     ...

Edwards Highlights Extended Vacuum Range Capabilities at Analytica 2014

Analytica is one of the leading international fairs for laboratory technology and pioneering biotechnology, and visitors to the Edwards booth will ...


Savillex has been manufacturing fluoropolymer products since 1976. Savillex offers a wide range of PFA labware, from vials and columns through to ...

Intracellular O2 Measurements

The combination of soluble cell-penetrating oxygen sensor and an optoelectronic accessory unit for standard fluorescence microscopes allows for a ...

Water Determination

The presence of water in plastics has a substantial influence on the quality and processability of the end products, particularly in the consumer ...

EGNATON Notes plus

Sustainability is influenced by acting interdisciplinary and a huge variety of single parameters. Due to the perception that single organizations or ...

ICLAC - the International Cell Line Authentication Committee -presents here its second article. In the first article (published G.I.T. Laboratory ...

Protein-Protein Interactions Investigated by DLS

Determination at High and Low Protein Concentration

Proteins, especially therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have attracted significant attention during the last few decades within the ...

Separation: Silver-functionalized Monolithic Silica for HPLC

Potentials and Challenges for the Separation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons

The separation of unsaturated organic compounds using silver (Ag) ion chromatography has been established for decades. The instability of Ag ions is ...

The Ribolution project: Demographic change is a major challenge for society, and also for the funding of the public health system. At present, it is ...

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