Element Enrichment in Aquatic Biofilms - Sorption Effects of Certain Elements in Seasonal Biofilms of a Drainage Tunnel (© slyfotostock - Fotolia.com)… more

CLAIRE Brings Electron Microscopy to Soft Materials. Image source: Berkeley Lab… more

NIST-led Research Group Creates First Whispering Gallery for Graphene Electrons… more

Photonic Thermometers: Out of the Lab, Into a Bucket of Water. Image: NIST… more

Merck Millipore: Exclusive Rights to Single Molecule Counting Technology from Singulex Acquired

Merck Millipore and Singulex, the developer and leading provider of Single Molecule Counting (SMCTM) technology for clinical diagnostics and ...

EU-PolarNet: EU boost for polar science

A new initiative to enhance the integration of Europe’s scientific and operational capabilities in the Polar Regions has been funded by the EU ...

CLAIRE Brings Electron Microscopy to Soft Materials

CLAIRE stands for "cathodoluminescence activated imaging by resonant energy transfer." Soft matter encompasses a broad swath of materials, including ...

NIST-led Research Group Creates First Whispering Gallery for Graphene Electrons

NIST -National Institute of Standards and Technology- researcher have developed a technique for creating nanoscale whispering galleries for electrons ...

Eppendorf BioFlo 320: The New Universal Bioprocess Control Station

Whether your process includes cell culture or fermentation, autoclavable or single-use vessels, the BioFlo 320 seamlessly combines form and function ...

Automated Particle Location and Chemical ID

In recent years Raman spectroscopy has seen a surge in popularity within many varied application fields. This is in no small part due to increased ...

Webinar: Get Your CLP Laboratory Labelling Challenges Solved

CLP is a mandatory European Union regulation which requires, amongst other obligations, the clear identification of products containing dangerous ...

Three-Fold Increase in Productivity for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Baby Food Using Fast Triple ...

Thermo Fisher Scientific presents in this application note AN10432, a fast, easy, and robust workflow that was used to analyze pesticide ...

Processing Cocoa Beans in the Laboratory

The most important products which we as consumers come in contact with are cocoa beverages and chocolate. The most important characteristic trait for ...

Comminution of Pills

The determination of substances contained in tablets after the production process is mandated according to the analytical rules of the German and ...

Particle Analysis with the Camera

Dynamic Image Analysis is a perfect method if not only the particle size of powders is to be determined, but if you also want to ascertain something ...

Aquatic Biofilms and their Element Enrichment

Sorption Effects of Certain Elements in Seasonal Biofilms of a Drainage Tunnel

Biofilms appear where the smallest micro-organisms enter into synergistic relationships. In some cases they create amazing protection mechanisms ...

Creating Biointerfaces

Bioactive Surfaces Enabled by Plasma Technology

Bioactive surfaces intend to cause a controlled effect at biointerfaces. For this purpose, well-defined properties of the material's surface are ...

X-ray Free Electron Lasers

A New Revolution in Structural Studies

X-ray crystallography is a crucial research technique for chemists who would like to investigate the structure of their compounds in solid state.So ...

Capacitive Deionization

Energy Efficient Water Desalination

Capacitive deionization is an emerging technology for energy efficient water treatment. Having originated from first concept studies in 1960, today's ...

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