Single-cell Analysis: Biology at High Resolution - Teaser: © SSilver -… more

OLED Devices for Lab-on-chip Applications. (c) Fraunhofer FEP… more

A high performance semiconducting polymer with an amorphous structure. Credit: Mark Nikolka/Deepak Venkateshvaran… more

BAM: Certified Reference Materials for the Analysis of Gold-Alloys. Teaser-Image: (c) Ded Pixto -… more

UCLA Biochemists Build a Synthetic Molecular ‘Cage’

UCLA biochemists have created the largest-ever protein that self-assembles into a molecular "cage." The research could lead to synthetic vaccines ...

Peptide Synthesis in Less Than 5 Seconds

Peptide Synthesis in Less Than 5 Seconds: Assistant Professor Shinichiro Fuse and Graduate Student Yuto Mifune, of the Department of Applied ...

Riken: Locking Shut the Calcium Channel

Riken research: The calcium ion Ca2+ regulates an enormous number of cellular processes. Control of Ca2+ is therefore crucial and is achieved by ...

Lab Innovations 2014

Lab Innovations closed its doors to record numbers, reaffirming its position as the UK's leading event dedicated to laboratory technology & ...

Biostat A - Sartorius Stedim Biotech Presents a Compact Bioreactor

With its new Biostat A, Sartorius Stedim Biotech presents a compact bioreactor | fermenter designed specifically as an entry-level model for ...

Brady's Whitepaper on "Sample Certainty" - Free Download

Take a look at this free whitepaper on 'Sample Certainty' (pdf) - You work too hard for your research to suddenly disappear. But when you use ...

Fisherbrand: Meet the Fisher Scientific Family

Fisherbrand, Fisher Scientific's trusted, well established and proprietary product range, is committed to providing quality products at affordable ...

The new TSQ Duo Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS

This GC-MS/MS is like no other. The Thermo Scientific TSQ Duo GC-MS/MS system is tailored to chromatographers and single quadrupole GC-MS users who ...

Purification of Xanthonoids

The purple mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tree of the Clusiaceae family native to Southeast Asia. The fruit rind is ground and used in the ...

Microscale 2D-RP/RP Peptide Chromatography

Waters: This article describes the performance capabilities and reproducibility of microscale 2D-RP/RP peptide chromatography with an Acquity UPLC ...

Advanced Respirometry

Respirometry is an indirect way of measuring microbial activity, such as nitrification. The oxygen uptake is proportional to the substrate ...

Every cell in the human body contains exactly the same sequence of genes. Nevertheless, in each cell different genes are active and these genes ...

Polymers as Tools in Medicine

Multifunctional Polyphosphazenes for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering

The Institute of Polymer Chemistry at the Johannes Kepler University Linz focuses its research mainly on the synthesis and characterization of ...

BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing certified three gold-based reference materials (CRMs) suitable for X-ray fluorescence ...

3D Cell Culture

Protection for the Achilles Heel of Active Substance Research?

On 19 March 2006, the German newspaper ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung' described drug tests for clinical Phase I studies as the "Achilles heel of ...

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