Nanoparticle Therapy Promotes Wound Healing… more

The Art of Handling Fire… more

Graphite on a Diet in Lithium Ion Batteries © Wiley-VCH… more

Lab-on-a-chip Flow Cytometry (© norman blue -… more

Brown Chemists Make New Silicon-based Nanomaterials

Brown University: Chemists have found a way to make new 2-D, graphene-like semiconducting nanomaterials using an old standby of the semiconductor ...

OpenfMRI Allows Neuroscientists to Share Brain Research Data

OpenfMRI: The growing database is helping researchers discover new insights and it could become a powerful tool for diagnosis. ...

Graphite on a Diet in Lithium Ion Batteries

How can the electrodes of batteries be made more efficient? In the journal Angewandte Chemie, American scientists describe a powerful approach that ...

Conference: 10th European Conference on Computational Chemistry

The call for papers for the 10th European Conference on Computational Chemistry, which will take place from August 31 - September 3 2015 in Fulda has ...

Three-Fold Increase in Productivity for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Baby Food Using Fast Triple ...

Thermo Fisher Scientific presents in this application note AN10432, a fast, easy, and robust workflow that was used to analyze pesticide ...

Are Your Sample Identification Labels Reliable?

Laboratory samples face a series of tough conditions. They are stored in freezers and liquid nitrogen, exposed to aggressive chemicals and their ...

FS5 Spectrofluorometer Combined With Cryostat Transforms Sample Measurement Capabilities

Edinburgh Instruments, a global supplier of fluorescence spectrometers, has combined its FS5 Spectrofluorometer with a liquid nitrogen cryostat to ...

Particle Size Measurement at the Push of a Button: 10 nm – 2000 µm

With the Fritsch Laser Particle Sizers Analysette 22 MicroTec plus (0.08 - 2000 µm) and NanoTec plus (0.01 - 2000 µm) particle measurement becomes a ...

Processing Cocoa Beans in the Laboratory

The most important products which we as consumers come in contact with are cocoa beverages and chocolate. The most important characteristic trait for ...

Comminution of Pills

The determination of substances contained in tablets after the production process is mandated according to the analytical rules of the German and ...

Particle Analysis with the Camera

Dynamic Image Analysis is a perfect method if not only the particle size of powders is to be determined, but if you also want to ascertain something ...

The Art of Handling Fire

Moving Towards “Green“ Light-Emitting Pyrotechnics in Defense Technology

The term "pyrotechnic" is derived from ancient Greek and can be interpreted as meaning the art of fire, or the art of handling fire. A pyrotechnic ...

Small Twisted Oligomers

A New Path to Induce Chirality

When thinking about activity of a molecule on a very fundamental level, a crucial element is the electronic nature of the bonds - how polarized that ...

Lab-on-a-chip Flow Cytometry

Fast Analysis of Microbial Contaminants

Even a very small number of pathogens can cause severe threat towards food safety. Due to increased safety concerns, there is a high demand for fast ...

Iterative Oligophosphate Synthesis

New Facile Approach to Phosphorylation

Phosphate anhydrides are ubiquitous modifications in nature. Their chemical synthesis is still a challenging task, most notably due to time-consuming ...

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