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G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Europe 1-2/2017

Publishing Date: 13.02.2017

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Take Care!
Arne Kusserow
Page 3

International Symposium on Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis
Page 6

Page 6

Forum LABO 2017
Page 7

3D Cell Culture
Page 7

Page 8

Cheat Sheet
Western Blotting: Immune detection
Page 10

Page 11

Read & Win
Modern Vibrational Spectroscopy and Micro-Spectroscopy

M. Diem
Page 12

Cover Story
Validating Sieve Meshes
A Measurement is only as Valid as its Weakest Link
G. R. Rideal
Page 14

There Is More to the Picture Than Meets the Eye

Optical Imaging beyond the Classical Diffraction Limit
F. Baumgart et al.
Page 16

Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy

Analysis of Covalent Bonds
M. Beyer et al.
Page 18

Micro-LC Capillaries

Choosing The Correct Inner Diameter
T. Teutenberg et al.
Page 21

Liquid-Liquid Chromatography

Advantages of a Liquid Stationary Phase
M. Minceva
Page 22

Materials Science
Biopolymer-Silica Aerogel
A Thermal Super-Insulator
W. Malfait et al.
Page 26

Nanoporous Gold
A Prototype for a Rational Design of Catalysts
M. Bäumer et al.
Page 28

How Multi-Metallic Clusters Grow

Theory and Experiment Combined
S. Dehnen
Page 32

Versatile Mushrooms
A Key Driver for Culinary and Health Innovations
M. Sari and R. Hambitzer
Page 36

Page 39

Inside Back Cover


The winner of Read & Win issue 9-10/16 is R. Carano from Berlin.

The next prize draw is on page 12.

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