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Pittcon 2012: Science, Sun, Societies

Mar. 11, 2012
Jon Peace, President Pittcon 2012, Manager Product Safety, Alcoa, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Jon Peace, President Pittcon 2012, Manager Product Safety, Alcoa, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA more

What do you expect to be the most important news, techniques and instrumentations in the laboratory field at Pittcon 2012?

J. Peace: I would expect the most significant news and innovations in laboratory science will be in the life science sector specifically in genomics and proteomics in the form of testing, mapping, and modeling and in field of drug discovery and development for finding new medicines to treat diseases and find cures.As technology advances and world challenges continue, we will experience innovations in techniques and instrumentation in food science specifically improved methods of not only growing more crops but improved crops, sustainability and renewable energy, and environmental issues.

What are your expectations for the development of the laboratory business in the next decade?

J. Peace: I can only comment from an industrial perspective. I believe that companies will continue pressure to reduce costs while requiring enhanced service. Therefore, laboratories will need to reduce the cost of analyses while increasing their portfolio of capabilities. Also, they will need to provide value-added services on top of their normal analytical suite to make them stand out. The equipment and training required for these services can be found at the Pittsburgh Conference.

Pittcon honors scientists from industry and academia for outstanding contributions. Who are the awardees in 2012?

J. Peace: Yes, an important function of Pittcon is to recognize and honor scientists who have made outstanding contributions to analytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy. This year, we have 11 award recipients. Each award will be presented during a symposium at Pittcon 2012, March 11-15, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. This year‘s awards will recognize scientists using methodologies such as vibrational and infrared spectroscopy; ion, liquid, and gas chromatography; separation science; nanotechnology; bioanalytical chemistry; electrochemistry; microscopy, portable instruments; and mass spectrometry.

We are very honored that our former (2010) Plenary Lecturer Alan G.

Marshall from Florida State University will receive the 2012 Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award. This award acknowledges Marshall‘s contributions to the field of analytical chemistry through his continuing development of Fourier transform ICR mass spectrometry. His current research spans FT-ICR instrumentation development, fossil fuels and environmental analysis, and mapping the primary and higher-order structures of biological macromolecules and their complexes. Other awards include:

Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award
W. E. (William Esco) Moerner, Stanford University, will receive the 2012 Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award presented by the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP). The SSP Award, established in 1957, honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions in the field of spectroscopy.

Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award
Christy L. Haynes, University of Minnesota, will receive the 2012 Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award. This award, sponsored jointly by the Pittsburgh Conference and the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP), recognizes individuals who have made outstanding achievements within ten years after completion of the Ph.D. work.

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award for Young Investigators in Separation Science
Jared L. Anderson, University of Toledo, will receive the 2012 ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award for Young Investigators in Separation Science. The award, sponsored by Agilent Technologies and administered by the Analytical Division of the American Chemical Society, recognizes and encourages outstanding contributions to the field of separation science by a young chemist or chemical engineer within ten years of their highest degree.

Bomem-Michelson Award the Coblentz Society/ABB
Joel M. Harris, University of Utah, will receive the 2012 Bomem-Michelson Award, of the Coblentz Society/ABB for his research in analytical laser spectroscopy. The Coblentz Society presents the Bomem-Michelson Award, which is dedicated to the memory of Professor A.E. Michelson, developer of the Michelson Interferometer. ABB sponsors the annual award to honor a scientist who has advanced the technique(s) of vibrational, molecular, Raman or electronic spectroscopy.

Dal Nogare Award
Purnendu K. (Sandy) Dasgupta, University of Texas at Arlington, will receive the 2012 Dal Nogare Award for 2012, presented by The Chromatography Forum of Delaware Valley (CFDV), for his outstanding work in the field of chromatography. An awardee is chosen on the basis of his or her contributions to the fundamental understanding of the chromatographic process. Established in honor of Stephen Dal Nogare who died in 1968 after serving six months as President of the Forum.

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