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Camag DBS-MS 500: Direct Analysis of Dried Blood Spots

May. 20, 2011
Camag's DBS-MS 500
Camag's DBS-MS 500 more
Camag's DBS-MS 500 Camag's DBS-MS 500 

Camag, a specialist in the manufacture of HPTLC instruments, is entering the field of Direct Analysis of Dried Blood Spots. Camag has achieved  promising results with manual and semi-automatic DBS-MS extraction systems, and has presented these results at conferences and in various journals. In light of this success, the company is now introducing the DBS-MS 500 system, which is capable of fully automated analysis of up to 500 DBS cards.

The official launch will be at ASMS in Denver 4th-8th June 2011.

In the session "Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Dried Blood Spot Samples", Tuesday 7th June 2011, new data will be presented:

Developing a fully automated dried blood spot direct analysis technique for high sample throughput quantitative bioanalysis
Paul Abu-Rabie; Neil Spooner; Philip Denniff, GlaxoSmithKline R&D, Ware, UK

Camag staff will be available at booth #82 to discuss the Camag DBS-MS 500 system.

Main features of the system are:

  • Fully automated handling of up to 500 DBS cards
  • Optical DBS card positioning and identification including barcode reading module (OCR module)
  • Reliable wash station eliminates carryover
  • Optional internal standard application (ISA module)
  • Seamless integration with LC-MS system

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