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  • Socorex Qualitix

Socorex is pleased to announce the launch of its new Qualitix tip programme including an extended model selection covering most application requirements. Made from virgin Polypropylene, the DNAse, RNAse free, pyrogens/endotoxins and ATP free Qualitix provide for a very high purity degree. In addition, sterile tips are certified free of human DNA.

The novel tipfill rack filling system is intended for easy rack loading. Each insert is instantly transferred into an empty rack without risk of contamination. Tipfill convinces by its simplicity of use, limiting work interruption to a minimum.

Handling of viscous liquids is facilitated when using the low protein binding tips. Certified protease free, they are well adapted in the proteomic field. Sterile tip users now have the choice between models with and without protection filter.

Intended for accurate liquid delivery, the new Qualitix ideally combines with Socorex and all major micropipette brands.

You can contact Socorex distributors to obtain free samples. Overview of the complete Socorex product range here


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