In cooperation with our partners at IUTA (Institut für Energie- und Umwelttechnologie) G.I.T. Laboratory Journal, www.laboratory-journal.com and Wiley launch the cross media platform „Advanced Liquid Chromatography“.

Here you can find all you need to know about micro-LC and 2D-LC, to get the most out of your LC-System.

How it works: Why thes project on "Advanced Liquid Chromatography" exists and what will happen:

Janus Part 1: The what, why and how from the point of view of a publisher.

Janus Part 2: The what, why and how from the point of view of the research institute.


first things first: you find the latest news in the field of advanced chromatography on top and our news archive at the bottom.


All scientific material, applications, tips and tricks (G.I.TNT). Easy to find in separate columns on micro-LC (µLC), tips and tricks (G.I.TNT) and 2D-LC.




The cross media platfrom project "Advanced Liquid Chromatography" is a joint project of: