2D Liquid Chromatography

Exponentially More Information: Increased Efficiency through 2D Liquid Chromatography

  • Fig. 1: System configuration of Nexera-e two-dimensional LC systemFig. 1: System configuration of Nexera-e two-dimensional LC system

In recent years, interest in “-omics” studies has been increasing as the characterization of biological molecules to gather insight on their function and activity is becoming more and more important [1]. For these analyses, a single chromatographic separation is often insufficient to achieve the high resolution and peak capacity needed to obtain meaningful data. Use of a two-dimensional approach with orthogonal separation mechanisms provides a vast increase in efficiency for complex samples.

Comprehensive Twodimensional Liquid Chromatography
Instead of employing various methods for different groups of substances, the comprehensive two-dimensional LC approach enables screening of all compounds of interest in one single run using a combination of two separate analyses with largely different selectivity for the first and second dimension separation. This offers enhanced resolving power compared to a onedimensional run not only by employing two successive separations with different selectivity in a single analysis but also through increased peak capacity of two densely packed LC columns in a row. Figure 1 shows the schematic diagram of Shimadzu’s Nexera-e 2D LC system providing exponential chromatography.

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