Drug Titration Studies

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  • Software wizards make setting up synergy experiments simple and efficient.Software wizards make setting up synergy experiments simple and efficient.

Determining the relationship between drug concentration and clinical response is a key step in the development of new therapeutics, yet the method for performing these studies remained largely unchanged for much of the 20th century. Recent advances in laboratory liquid handling technologies have led to a significant shift in the way drug titration studies are performed, allowing these investigations to be carried out with lower assay volumes than ever before.

Knowledge of the relationship between the dose, bio-availability and clinical effects of a candidate drug are fundamental to the development of new therapeutics. Without in-depth characterization of the effects of a candidate compound at a biochemical and cellular level, it would be impossible to safely progress drugs to the clinical phases of development. Drug titration studies are, therefore, at the heart of the drug development process, with many hundreds of doseresponse curves generated each day across the globe.




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