Obesity Research Using the Mouse Model

Keeping Lab Animals under Reproducible Conditions

  • Obesity Research Using the Mouse ModelObesity Research Using the Mouse Model

Keeping of mice under reproducible conditions is always the requirement for valid results. <--break->We owe a lot to the mus musculus and its congeners. Due to its genetic and physiological similarity to the human being, its easy keeping and its short generation time, the mouse has become one of the most important mammalian model organisms in biological and medical research. With the help of the "mouse" model, research in basic vital functions is done, causes of illnesses are determined and indications for diagnosis and therapy are located.

Is the End of the Mouse Model Approaching?

In 2011, nearly two million tests with mice have been conducted in Germany, 57% of them for research in human diseases (source: figures of laboratory animals, Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in Germany, 2011). Not only because of reasons of animal protection have tests on mice been criticised even from within the ranks of science.


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