Water and Soil Analysis

pH Value, Conductivity, and Titration

  • The Mati 13 system for the automatic determination of the permanganate indexThe Mati 13 system for the automatic determination of the permanganate index

The rapid growth in the world population has led to sharp increases in the consumption of energy and resources and the production of consumer goods and chemicals compounds on the market, including as many as 100,000 that are produced on a large industrial scale. A lot of these compounds enter environment and have to be analyzed.

The Necessity of Environmental Analysis

Substances introduced into the environment are distributed among the environmental compartments water (hydrosphere), soil (pedosphere), rock (lithosphere), and air (atmosphere), as well as among the organisms living on them (biosphere). The effects of human activities on the environment are complex and call for sensitive analytical methods and powerful analytical instruments. Only if we know the type and quantity of these contaminants, we can protect the environment and its inhabitants. This requires internationally accepted standards, in which limits and test methods are defined.

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