Analytical Quality Assurance AQA

Proving the Plausibility of Readings

  • Analytical Quality Assurance AQAAnalytical Quality Assurance AQA

The term Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA) encompasses all measures that can be used to determine the error rate and quality of an analytical measurement. The focus is on standardising procedures to make them comparable. For many analytical processes, AQA is a strict requirement. This is especially true for critical areas such as wastewater treatment. The regulatory framework has strict rules for the process, from sampling and sample preparation, through to the actual measurement. The laboratory has to be certified according to the applicable norm. In research and development, the companies set up rules for processes, often in the form of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP).

AQS and SOPs can be carried out automatically by the instrument. This pdf shows how such procedures can be set up using an instrument from WTW.

To ensure the correctness of the measured data and to avoid possible sources of errors, a set of tests and procedures is available.


This article is supplemental material for Photometry-Compendium Episode 1


More supplemental material you can find here.



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