Detection of particles in lipid emulsions for intravenous application

Anton Paar

  • Litesizer 500 from Anton PaarLitesizer 500 from Anton Paar

Intravenous infusions are administered directly into the bloodstream, and thus do not pass through the protective filters of the digestive system before being circulated through somewhat vulnerable areas, such as the heart and lungs. A common risk from such infusions is contamination by particles that cannot be detected with the eye. These particles can lead to severe problems such as heart attacks, phlebitis, thrombosis or embolisms in the lung. In addition also the financial consequences should be considered. Contamination by particles can lead to extended hospital stays and treatments, which generally carry high costs.

Therefore, for quality-control purposes, it is important to check for such unwanted particles. Dynamic light scattering is a fast and accurate way to analyze the particle size and particle-size distribution, even with small sample amounts. The Litesizer 500 determines particles size by measuring the time-dependent fluctuations in the scattered-light intensity.

More details on this application can be found in the attached whitepaper!


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