Titration with Alcoholic Potassium Hydroxide Solution

  •  The new brand Titrette The new brand Titrette

In the production control and quality monitoring of our corrosion protection, hydraulic, cutting and gear oils, we determine the acid content by titration (color change). Depending on the task definition, we use either a 0.1 M or 0.5 M alcoholic potassium hydroxide (KOH) solution. Alcoholic KOH is considered to be a difficult titration medium due to the extensive crystallization, and not every burette passes the practical usage test. Until now, we have worked with glass burettes and on a trial basis with the Burette Digital III. Since September 2008 we have been using the new Brand Titrette satisfactorily. It is a manually driven digital bottletop burette similar to the previous model, but it has been substantially improved.



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