Water Security in Space and on Earth

Quality Assurance by Conductivity Measurements

  • Quality Assurance by Conductivity Measurements - Water Security in Space and on EarthQuality Assurance by Conductivity Measurements - Water Security in Space and on Earth

As with any drinking water, quality is a major concern, particularly when the water in question has been recycled. This is an issue of particular interest in space, where ISS crew members would have to deal with any contaminated water-induced illness far from the nearest medical personnel and facilities. The WPA employs sensors that monitor water quality by measuring its conductivity.


Resourcefulness is a key quality for living in space and on the International Space Station (ISS) that means making the most of water supplies. In 2008, the installation of the Water Processing Assembly (WPA) onboard the ISS allowed the space station's crew to optimize their resources. The WPA purifies moisture from nearly every possible source, including sweat, water vapor, wastewater and even urine, for drinking water and oxygen generation. Capable of producing 35 gallons of potable, recycled water a day, the system has reduced the need for water delivered to the ISS by over 1,000 gallons a year, saving significant payload costs in the process.

Rounding out the system's quality assurance methods is a device developed for NASA by a private industry partner. That company has now made the technology available for ensuring the purity of water for consumption and industrial uses on Earth.

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