Multicolor Flow Cytometry Reaches a New Level of Ease of Use

A True Evolution in Cell Analysis Research

  • Fig. 1: The new BD FACSVerseFig. 1: The new BD FACSVerse

Multicolor flow cytometry is a widely used technology for performing multiparametric cell analysis. Today flow cytometry users are looking more and more for an easy and standardized way to set up the instrument and assays for day-to-day use, to obtain reproducible and consistent results, especially in longitudinal studies.

The BD FACSVerse flow cytometer is designed to address this growing need for standardization of instrument setup and experiments, and delivery of reproducible data. BD gave the word to two leaders of research flow cytometry core labs: Christiane Pecher, coordinator of an INSERM cytometry platform in Toulouse, France, and Sandra Ormenese, manager of the GIGA platform in Liège, Belgium, and asked them how the users of the core lab take advantage of the instrument for their research (Tab. 1).


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