Curse of the Pharaohs?

Analysis of Mycotoxins

  • Analysis of MycotoxinsAnalysis of Mycotoxins

Were mycotoxins to blame for a mysterious series of deaths after opening the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun? Many books and theories circulate on the possible cause, and science is still divided on this issue. One thing is certain: fungal toxins (mycotoxins) are everywhere: in the air, in foods - in minimal concentrations. Their toxicity is, however, mostly underestimated. Allergies and breathing difficulties are just some of the reactions described, even at apparently low mycotoxin concentrations. Scientists are agreed that at sufficiently high mycotoxin concentrations in air and correspondingly faster uptake (for instance through inhaling stagnant air, as in the case of Pharaohic tombs), life threatening and even deadly concentrations can be attained.


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