Clinical Assay for EtG and EtS Metabolites - Customized Chromatography

  • Clinical Assay for EtG and EtS Metabolites Clinical Assay for EtG and EtS Metabolites

Standard detection methods for alcohol abuse by headspace GC-FID are only reliable for 6-24 hours after ingestion due to the body's normal metabolic process. Monitoring of the ethanol metabolites ethyl glucuronide (EtG) and ethyl sulfate (EtS) from urine can extend the detection window up to 80 hours after exposure. Analysis of these metabolites can be challenging due to their polar nature and difficult matrices, requiring a lengthy method development step.

Phenomenex's analytical support group was recently asked by a client to develop a simple, fast method for detection of EtG and EtS that overcomes these common problems. The method, as described in this article, uses simple dilution of the urine sample followed by fast (<7 min) LC/MS/MS analysis than can be multiplexed for injection to injection times of <2 min. Method performance was validated over standard calibration ranges and used to test patient samples. Important resolution is achieved between EtG and EtS from a common endogenous urine contaminant.




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