Ultrapure Water for Trace Analysis with ICP-MS

  • The arium pro UV ultrapure water systemThe arium pro UV ultrapure water system

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a highly sophisticated multi-element analytical technique that is increasingly being used for trace analysis in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and environmental industries as well as in analytical laboratories.

The ICP-MS technique is capable of analysis down to sub-ppt (parts per trillion) detection limits, whereby the lowest detection limits can be achieved only in a clean room environment. Because water is used early in tests for trace elemental analysis with ICP-MS, it is obvious that any contamination from the water can compromise an entire analysis. Therefore, the water used must be of a high analytical grade quality, e.g., ASTM Type I water. The objective of the analytical test series described below is to ensure that the ultrapure water generated by the arium pro UV water systems has a high purity level (in this case free of metal elements respectively metal elements not detectable) and can be used without any problems for trace analysis of elements performed with ICP-MS devices.

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Principle of ICP-MS technology, the arium pro UV ultrapure water system and its application.



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