Focal Drift Compensation - Live Cell Imaging with Automatic Focus

  • Focal Drift Compensation by OlympusFocal Drift Compensation by Olympus

The ability to consistently produce accurately focused images is essential for any life science research project utilising microscopy. For this reason, Olympus provides the IX81-ZDC2 microscope system, which combines the IX81 frame with the ZDC2 Z-Drift compensation module to ensure that every image you capture is in focus.

The system is designed for both short- and long-term live cell experiments, with users able to employ either a ‘continuous' or ‘one-shot' focusing mode. Automatic focal adjustments counteract the effects of thermal drift and increase the accuracy of time-lapse and multi-image experiments. The manipulation of samples mid-experiment can also be carried out. By combining the system with the cellSens Dimension software suite, experiments can be planned and executed, with a level of automation that is truly ‘set and forget'.

Read more within the pdf on the use of the IX81-ZDC2 microscope system.

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