Aug. 29 - Sep. 01, 2018

EMBO Chemical Biology Conference

 EMBO Chemical Biology Conference

This year we are celebrating 10 years of the EMBO Chemical Biology Conference. The conference sets the stage for the dissemination and exchange of new developments in diverse, hot fields within Chemical Biology, being the platform for inspiration, collaboration and networking for researchers in academia and industry.

Over 300 participants can meet the 22 speakers and other top researchers whilst at the same time discussing their own data in three large poster sessions. About 15 short talks and 30 flash talks will be selected from the participants. We aim to provide the possibility for every chemical biologist to meet and discuss with peers, from tool development to biological applications, from computational drug design to synthetic chemistry. Most importantly, participants come to see where the field stands in its full breadth. The past meetings were very successful in this respect, ensuring that this conference on chemical biology remains the largest and broadest meeting in this field.


- Drug and target discovery
- Chemical biology of posttranslational modifications
- Molecular optogenetics and synthetic biology
- Nucleotide chemical biology
- Peptide and protein modifications
- Redox and metabolic enzyme chemical biology
- Chemical biology of cellular reprogramming

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