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G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 4/2019

Publishing Date: 07.08.2019

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Digitalization - Sure! But How?
M. Graf-Utzmann
page 3

Cannabis Science Conference
page 6

Future Laboratory Informatics (formerly Smart Labs)
page 7

Oxford Global´s PharmaTec Series     
page 8

page 8

Read & Win
Cannabis For Dummies
K. R. Casey and J. Kraynak
page 11

20 Minutes
page 12

The Wiley Registry: 11th Edition
The most important tool available to the modern laboratory
Seite 14

Chromatography & Separation   
Chemical Analysis of Cannabinoids
Analytes and Methods
Y. H. Choi and R. Verpoorte
page 16

CBD-Rich Cannabis – the Legal Marijuana
Cannabinoid Concentrations in Confiscated Cannabis Samples  
T. J. Gelmi and W. Weinmann
page 19

Cannabinoids and Synthetic Cannabinoids
Analytical Challenges in the Determination of Cannabinoids
T. Rosado et al.
page 23

A Close Examination of Medical Cannabis
Optimized Testing for Active Ingrediets According to the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB) Monograph Using Co-Injection with Water
S. Vosskötter
page 27

Mass Spectrometry  
Coupling Methods in Mass Spectrometry
Part 1: GC-MS, HPLC-MS, CE-MS and TCL-MS  
U. Linne et al.
page 30

Comprehensive Surveillance of Drugs of Abuse
A Method for Rapid and Accurate Urine Drug Testing in an Opioid Crisis
M. Shanmuganathan et al.
page 33

Measuring Biomarkers in Blood  
Developing a Robust, High Throughput LC-MS Method
M. C. Boyce
page 36

Single-molecule Peptide Mass Identification Using Nanopores
Portable and Low-cost Peptide Mass Spectrometer Towards Protein Sequencing
G. Huang and G. Maglia
page 39

Identification of Microplastics in Environmental Samples   
Combination of Particle Analysis with FTIR and Raman Microscopy
D. Fischer et al.
page 43

Boosting Super-Resolution by Mirror-Enhanced dSTORM 
Maximizing Precision and Signal-to-Noise Ratio
K. G. Heinze and H. S. Heil  
page 46

page 48

Inside Back Cover

The winner of Read&Win issue 2/19 is H. R. Müller from Germany.


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