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G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 5/2019

Publishing Date: 09.10.2019

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Why IT-Security Is Important

M. Graf-Utzmann
page 3
Nano Bio Tech 2019
page 6
page 6
Read & Win
Machine Learning 
S. W. Knox
page 9
20 Minutes
page 10
Laboratory IT & LIMS
SiLA 2 – The Emerging Standard for Lab Automation 
M. Dörr
page 12
Establishing Analytical Quality for GPC/SEC Techniques
Accurate and Precise Results to Depend On
P. Kilz
page 15

Digital Prediction of Polyurethane Foam Expansion
Using the FOAM Software Package
D. Niedziela and K. Steiner

page 20
Applications for ddPCR in Oncolgy 
New Findings Show Liquid Biopsy Can Guide Tratments 
G. Karlin-Neumann
page 22
Mass Spectrometry
Coupling Methods in Mass Spectrometry 
Part 2: GC-MS, HPLC-MS, CE-MS and TLC-MS
U. Linne et al.
page 24
Trace Detection of Heavy Metals in Tobacco 
Simple, Rapid, Sensitive and Accurate Method Based on ICP-MS
J. Hesper and J. Knoop
page 27

Environment / Sustainability 
Bio-Fishing for Rare Earth Recycling 
Selective Separation of Minerals By Phage-bound Peptides
F. L. Lederer

page 30
Molecular Spin Switches
Controlling the Properties of Iron Enzymes with Light
R. Herges
page 32
Chemical Synthesis  
Palladium Catalyzed Amination of Aryl Chlorides
Development of Extremely Active Phosphine Ligands with Large Substrate Scope
V. H. Gessner
page 34
Materials Science  
Functional Surfaces 

Bio-Hybrid Membranes for Biosensing
C. Draghici et al.
page 36
Intuitive and Automated Vacuum Process
page 40
page 41
Inside Back Cover


The winner of Read&Win issue 3/19 is H. Will from Germany.
The next prize draw is on page 10.


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