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G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 2/2019

Publishing Date: 03.04.2019

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Is there Room for Dogma in Science?
M. Graf-Utzmann
Seite 3

SLAS Europe 2019
Seite 6

page 6

Read & Win
Managing Biotechnology
F. Simon and G. Giovannetti
page 9

20 Minutes
page 10

Cover Story
Perfectly Balanced 
Only Modular Laboratory Balances fulfil Lab´s Specific Needs
Lori M. King
page 12

Combination of Various Sequencing, Assembly and Mapping Approaches
Creating a Reliable Genome Assembly
for Emerging Aquatic Crops  
P. T. N. Hoang and I. Schubert
page 14

Modern Biobanks
Part 1: An Indispensable Resource in Biomedical Research
M. Hummel et al.
page 18

Understanding Antibiotic Resistances
Fluorescent Dye Facilitates the Analysis of the Survival Strategies of Disease-saucing Agents  
L. N. Schulte and O. Vazquez
page 20

Chromatographie & Separation
Elucidating the Structure of Oligomeric Cyclic Procyanidins
Isotopic H/D Exchange in Red Wine and Cranberry Extracts
E. Boselli et al.
page 24

Mass Spectrometry
Strategies for Glycoprotein Analysis
Understanding the Importance of Glycosylation
F. Altmann
page 26

Materials Science
Polymer Multilayer Electrodes
Towards Interference-free Detection of Analytes and Efficient Energy Conversion Systems
A. Ruff et al.
page 28

page 32

Inside Back Cover

The winner of Read&Win issue 6/18 is from Russia.

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