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G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 3/2019

Publishing Date: 03.06.2019

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The Thrill of the Last Second
M. Graf-Utzmann
Page 3

Page 6

Read & Win
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry
S. Pedersen-Bjergaard, B. Gammelgaard and T. G. Halvorsen
page 9

20 Minutes
page 10

Brown Fat Starts Heating and Terminates Eating
What Is this Brown Fat and Why Does Everyone Want it?
K. Schnabl and M. Klingenspor
page 12

3D Bioprinted Mini-Brains
A Glioblastoma Model to Study Cellular Interactions and Therapeutics  
M. A. Heinrich and J. Prakash
page 16

Bio Processing  
Bioprocess Sampling
A Necessary Evil or a Chance for Improved Monitoring and Control?  
L. Neutsch et al.
page 19

Food Analysis & Technology
Detecting Nitrosamines in Food and Drink
Applied Gas Chromatography
A. James
page 22

Cold Plasma in Food Technology
Possible Applications of a New System for Surface Sterilization
K. A. Lis et al.
page 24

More Insights with Infrared
New Method Enables Quantitative Visualization of Sucrose Distribution in Plants
A. Gründel et al.
page 27

Materials Science  
Piezoelectric and Electrically Insulating Coatings
Coatings for Applications in Electronics, Sensor and Medical Technology
S. Barth et al.
page 29

Cheat Problems in Water Analysis
page 31

page 32

Inside Back Cover

The winner of Read&Win issue 1/19 is M. Broekmans.


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