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G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 1/2019

Publishing Date: 27.02.2019

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New Year – New…?
M. Graf-Utzmann
page 3

Forum Labo
page 6

Eurolab 2019
page 6

page 7

Read & Win
Laser Printing of Functional Materials
A. Piqué and P. Serra
page 9

20 Minutes
page 10

Quo Vadis
Top NMR From the Tabletop
Analysis in Real Time on the Chemical Workbench
B. Blümich
page 12

Spectroscopy & Microscopy  
Operando Spectroscopy Meets Real-World Catalysis 
Designing Improved SCR Catalysts
D. Ferri et al.
page 16

Charge and Size of Molecules and Complexes in Solution
An Application of Pulsed Field Gradient NMR
U. Scheler
page 18

Food Analysis & Technology
Food Fraud
A Challenge for Official Controls by Food Surveillance Authorities
S. Schimanski and S. Raschke
page 22

Adulteration Control of Honey
Using Modern Seperation and Spectroscopy Techniques in Combination with Chemometrics
I. K. Karabagias
page 24

Environment & Sustainability
A New Approach: Azure Chemistry Low-Cost and Sustainable New Hybrid
Material for Reducing Air and Water Pollution
E. Bontmpi
page 26

Drug Discovery
Virus-Like Particles of the Murine Leukemia Virus
A Novel Modular Vaccine-Platform
Z. Waibler et al.
page 29

80 MHz benchtop NMR Spectrometer
page 31

page 32

Inside Back Cover

The winner of Read&Win issue 5/18 is A. Rauch from Germany.

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