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G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 11-12/15

Publishing Date: 01.12.2015

Laboratory Automation Needed?

Dr. A. Kusserow
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Read & Win
Bioimage Data Analysis
K. Miura
Page 8

Page 10

Scanning Probe Microscopy
Subsurface Imaging of Soft Matter by AFM
Depth Modulation and Compositional Mapping by Trimodal AFM
S. Solares
Page 12

Live Sciences
Chemical Communication in Microbial Communities
The Importance of Secondary Metabolites
S. Götze and P. Stallforth
Page 16

Kits & Arrays
Improved Management of Hepatitis D
Standardized Quantification of HDV RNA
M. Dietzsch et al.
Page 18

Materials Science
Lanthanide-Free Phosphors for White-LEDs Lighting
A Cheap and Environmental-Friendly Alternative
N. Pinna
Page 21

Imaging Ionic Liquids
Clarifying the Interface Structure on the Molecular Scale
O.  M. Magnussen
Page 23

Cofactor Exchange
A Method for Studying Heme Proteins
K. Kleeberg, M. Hoffmann and M. Bröring
Page 25

Photometry Compendium
Extraction Processes, COD and Reagent Free Measurement
A. Kusserow
Page 27

Cover Story
Prevention Instead of Decontamination
From Filtration to Incubation in Microbiological Quality Control
J. Grigat
Page 30

Page 32

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