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G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 5/2018

Publishing Date: 09.10.2018

A Fact Is a Fact - Until it Isn´t
M. Graf-Utzmann
page 3

Webinar: pH Measurement Made Easy
page 6

Read & Win
Chemoinformatics – Basic Concepts and Methods
Applied Chemoinformatics – Achievements and Future Opportunities
J. Gasteiger and T. Engel
page 8

Cheat Sheet
Solid Phase Extraction
M. Stróz•yn´ska and K. Schuhen
page 10

page 8
Cover Story
High-Capacity Micro Balances
Weighing Minimum Samples into Heavy Containers
page 14

Laboratory IT & LIMS
Data Exchange in the Laboratory of the Future
A Glimpse at AnIML and SiLA
B. Schäfer
page 16

Optimizing Process Parameters Simultaneously
Design of Experiments in Bioprocess Development
U. Becken
pge 20

Cell-free Biotechnology
Polymer Microgels as Experimental Platform
J. Thiele et al.
page 22

Material Science
Silicon Carbide for Wideband Quantum Communication
The Next Step Towards the Quantum Age
D. Yu. Fedyanin et al.
page 24

Titanium-Sulfur-Based Amorphous Metals
Stronger Than Steel, Elastic and Formable Like Plastic
R. Busch et al.
page 28

Drug Discovery
The Nano-Bio-Interface
Understanding Protein Corona Formation Is a Prerequisite for Targeted Drug Delivery
K. Landfester
page 30

Label-Free Digital Pathology
Diagnosis and Biomarker Research
F. Großerüschkamp and K. Gerwert
page 33

Nano & Microsystem Technology
Playing with Droplets

Modular Droplet-based Microfluidics with Sensory Particles
K. Rurack  et al.
page 36

page 40

Inside Back Cover


The winner of Read&Win issue 3/18 is S.R. Ayodhya from India.
The next prize draw is on page 41.

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