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G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 6/2018

Publishing Date: 30.11.2018

Publish or Perish?
M. Graf-Utzmann
page 3

Webinar: How to find the perfect GPC/SEC/GFC Column

page 6

3rd ECP 2019
page 7

page 7

Experiment of the Month
Flame Coloring
M. Ruppert
page 10

Read & Win
Automation Solutions for Analytical Measurement
H. Fleischer and K. Thurow
page 11

Cover Story
From Assay to Answer

Automated Workflows in High Content Analysis
page 12

Chromatographie & Separation
Hydrodynamics Meets Topology

Filtration and Shear Flow of Ring Polymers in Microfluidic Devices
M. Liebetreu et al.
page 18

Sniffing out Decay
Classifying Degrading Plastic Artworks Using Their Smell
K. Curran
page 22

Watching Chemical Reactions on the Quantum Level
State-to-state Measurements of Ultracold Three-body Recombination
J. Hecker Denschlag et al.
page 24

Drug Discovery
Precise Control Over Using THC-Photoswitches
R. C. Sarott and E. M. Carreira
page 26

Environment / Sustainability
Towards a Comprehensive Biomass Upgrading

High Quality Nutritional Peptides From Vegetable Agrifood Byproducts
H.-J. Danneel et al.
page 28

Lakes Under Climate Stress
Rising Temperatures and Extreme Weather Events Put Pressure on Freshwaters
R. Adrian
page 30

Particle Measurement
Preparing a Sample for Determining the Size of Particles

De-agglomeration with Ultrasonic Homogenizers
K. Siebertz
page 33

All You Need is Selectivity
Recent Developments in Silica and Bonding Chemistry for HPLC
J. Maisch
page 36

High-pressure Dosing Pumps
page 39

page 40

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The winner of Read&Win issue 4/18 is A. Shelton from UK.



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