Archived print edition

G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Europe 5-6/17

Publishing Date: 01.06.2017


The winner of Read & Win issue is
J. Korhonen from Finland.

The next prize draw is on page 10.

Has Democracy Failed?
Arne Kusserow
Page 3

HPLC Symposium
Page 6

International Symposium on Confocal Raman Imaging
Page 6

Page 7

EMBL Events

Read & Win
Handbook of GC-MS
H.-J. Hübschmann
Page 10

Cheat Sheet
How to Dry Solvents
Page 11

Advanced Liquid Chromatography
The Basics of Micro-LC
For Those Times When We’re in a Hurry
T. Teutenberg et al.
Page 12

IMAC Resin Selection
Overcome Decision Fatigue: Embrace Goal-Driven IMAC Resin Selection
P. Khandelwal
Page 16

Detecting Weak Protein Interactions
Exlusion-Based Sample Preparation Identifies New Targets
T. Berto
Page 20

Multi-Parameter Flow Cytometry
Illuminating the Components of the Immune Sytem
G. Heidkamp et al.
Page 22

Food Analysis & Technology
Validation of X- Ray Fluorescence

EDXRF Benchmarking Using Analytical Performances
L. Perring et al.
Page 26

Catalytic Reversible Hydrocyanation
No Need for Hydrogen Cyanide
B. Morandi et al.
Page 30

Materials Science
Void-Based Assembly of Colloidal Crystals
Using Structure-Directing Agents to Direct the Assembly of Open Colloidal Crystals
N. A. Mahynski et al.
Page 32

Page 35

Inside Back Cover

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