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Separation 02/15

Publishing Date: 08.09.2015

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Where Is the Beef?

Dr. M. Graf-Utzmann, Wiley-VCH    
page 3

Participation in Professional Associations Helps

Networking for Students/Post-docs – and Experienced Professionals
S. Flores, CASS-International Separation Science Society
page 6

The Rise of Cannabinomics
U.S. Medical Marijuana Empowers A Cannabis Laboratory Revolution
S. Kuzdzal and W. Lipps, Shimadzu Scientific
page 8

Analytical Separation Science
Dr. M. Graf-Utzmann, Wiley-VCH
page 12

Separation Columns in Analytical HPLC

Status of the Technology and Recommendations
K. K. Unger and S. Lamotte, BASF
page 14

Arsenic, Rice and Apple Juice

Speciation Using IC-ICP/MS
Dr. D. Jensen and D. Kutscher, Thermo Fisher Scientific
page 18

Laboratory Diagnostics
ICP-Mass Spectrometr
The Direct Determination of Trace Elements in Body Fluids
Dr. R. Chemnitzer, Analytik Jena
page 22

Coupling Technologies
Optimization of Ionization Efficiency

Using a Design of Experiments Approach in Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
Dr. T. Teutenberg, Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology
page 26

Show Case
page 30

page 31

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