May. 05, 2010
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LifeGene Project

Providing Unique Insight Into the Causes of Disease

The unique resources available in the Nordic region, such as civic registration numbers and the registries of genetically informative populations and health outcomes, make it an epidemiological goldmine. The LifeGene project is being coordinated by the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet to take advantage of Sweden's competitive edge in this field. Today, LifeGene was launched into the international scientific scene at BIO 2010 in Chicago, the world's largest biotech conference.

This project provides unique opportunities for understanding the complex interaction between environment, lifestyle factors and heredity in the origin of disease. The data made available through LifeGene is accessible to scientists at universities around the world, whereas the project is a collaboration between all medical faculties in Sweden, and is hosted by Karolinska Institutet. The project will gather information on the health and lifestyles of 500,000 Swedes, as well as blood and urine samples for later analysis. The objective is to improve diagnostics, treatments and preventative recommendations. Participation in LifeGene is voluntary and participants are monitored for many years with regular health checks and lifestyle questionnaires.

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