Feb. 06, 2014
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Accelrys' ScienceCloud Transforms Externalized Drug Discovery

Accelrys, a provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software, has announced the launch of ScienceCloud, a new SaaS-based information management and collaboration workspace. ScienceCloud advances collaborative drug discovery with a new generation of integrated applications built on a scalable, cloud-based scientific platform. With no software to manage and no hardware to maintain, ScienceCloud improves operational excellence in globally networked research, significantly reducing IT cost and effort.

ScienceCloud leverages an open ecosystem of web and mobile-accessible application capabilities initially including:

  • Collaborative Project Management: ScienceCloud provides secure project management and the ability to share project information (whether structured data or documents) using a unique social networking approach to scientific collaboration.
  • Experiment and IP Capture: Accelrys Notebook, a flexible, multi-disciplinary, low-cost-of-ownership electronic lab notebook empowers sponsor organizations and network partners to capture and share experimental methods.
  • Custom Business Rules Extension: Accelrys Pipeline Pilot, a scientific workflow authoring application, facilitates the creation and management of scientific services, implements standard business rules and enables integration between ScienceCloud and on-premises systems, allowing data to flow from one environment to the other. 
  • Mobile Device Enablement: A mobile iOS application lets scientists access the ScienceCloud, execute ScienceCloud tasks and share results with colleagues. An associated Accelrys Pipeline Pilot Mobile Collection allows developers to build scientific protocols which can be deployed to mobile devices, leveraging mobile capabilities such as sound and image capture, location services, speech-to-text, etc. 
  • Publishing and Sharing Services: TheScienceCloud Exchange is an open portal where scientists can publish and share Accelrys Pipeline Pilot protocols (e.g., reports created from ScienceCloud data), enhancing broad dissemination of essential research tools within the ScienceCloud community.

Take a look at the ScienceCloud here.





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