Feb. 13, 2013
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Analytica China 2012

  • Fig. 1: Bustling activity in the exhibition hallsFig. 1: Bustling activity in the exhibition halls
  • Fig. 1: Bustling activity in the exhibition halls
  • Fig. 2: Opening ceremony of the Analytica China 2012 with Stephen Lu, Senior Project Manager of Messe München International
  • Fig. 3: Dr. Siddartha C. Kadia, President of Life Technologies China and Dr. Martin Lechner, Executive Director of Business Unit New Technologies of MMI at the press conference
  • Fig. 4: Ryan Loh, Managing Director of MMI Shanghai, giving a speech at the ceremonial banquet.
  • Fig. 5: The ceremonial act was held to award loyal fellows associated to Analytica China since 2002.

Analytica China 2012: This year, from October 16th to 18th, the Analytica China celebrated its ten year anniversary. The bi-annual international trade fair, which focuses on the fields of laboratory technology, analytics, biotechnology and diagnostics, was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), and organized by the Messe München International (MMI).

As reported by MMI the number of exhibitors this year, increased to 580 (+24 %), continuing the double-digit growth every two years since its initiation in 2002. The exhibition space has simultaneously grown, now the size of two complete exhibition halls (24,600 m2). This shows a four-fold increase when compared to the first fair. Furthermore, over the three days, the halls were filled with 16,940 enthusiastic visitors (+ 11 %) from 66 nations.
"I can still remember the beginning of everything very well", recounted Dr. Richard Zhang during our dinner conversation at the opening reception banquet. He is a founding member of the advisory board and the President of Heraeus Shanghai. He described how, back in 2002, the exhibition space added up to just a little more than half an exhibition hall (5,800 m2). The climatic conditions were very challenging for both exhibitors and visitors. In the late summer of 2002 temperatures of 40°C and very high humidity were normal, and the hall had no air conditioning. Nevertheless, this first trade fair had 172 exhibitors and 6,500 visitors and look how it has grown!

Besides the Analytica China, two further fairs, addressing the laboratory sector and organized in Asia, have sprung from the Messe München. They also take place bi-annually: Analytica Anacon India and Analytica Vietnam.

The Location Shanghai
Shanghai was hosting this trade show for the sixth time in ten years. There has never been a need to change the venue. At the official press conference Dr. Martin Lechner, Executive Director of Business Unit New Technologies of the MMI, stated, that his corporation is devoted to the requirements of the exhibitors who have always been satisfied with the location. However, he is well aware of the dimensions of the country, and the fact that Shanghai is not centrally located in the Middle Kingdom causes a lot of logistical issues.

Yet, the question, whether any other locations are envisaged for upcoming events, remains unanswered.

The Trade Show: Current Status and Perspectives
Walking along the aisles of the halls generated the impression of bustling activity at a dramatic pace. The Chinese biotech and laboratory sectors are evidently booming. Most of the exhibiting companies can also boast double-digit growth on their balance sheets.
Whenever you took a second just to draw a breath, it was not unlikely that one of the local exhibitors immediately invited you to take a tour of their booth. Besides many smaller local companies, the global players were also present: Brand, VWR, Memmert, Thermo Fisher, Shimadzu, Tecan, Mettler Toledo, Roche, Witec, Eppendorf, Zeiss, Metrohm, Life Techonlogies, Miele, Bruker, Tescan and Merck.

Instruments and consumables, as well as equipment and services, were presented in several categories e. g. environmental protection, pharmaceutical & chemical products, electronics, research & education and biotechnology. Additionally, a special emphasis was placed on food safety and diagnostics. This was due to the declaration of intent of the Chinese government on increased investments in public health.
In recent years chemical analysis technologies have paved their way into the life sciences, which has certainly also had an impact on this year's trade show. As everywhere else in the world, the biotech sector in China is on a roll. In addition to this business segment the MMI expects a growth in the fields of services as well as software and IT solutions. This development will probably be reflected in the increased presence of these segments in upcoming fairs.

By taking into account the forecast that 10 % of global energy demand will be consumed by research and information processing in the field of life sciences, the driving force of future innovations can easily be predicted. Everything else will be directed by the market, which is currently determined by high-throughput, increased precision, resolution and reliability of devices.

The Conference Program
The organizers arranged a conference program to emphasize the core topics of the trade fair. This was organized in cooperation with several societies e.g. the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS), the Shanghai Society of Food Science, the Chinese Human Proteom Organization (CNHUPO) and the Sino-German Cooperation Research Group for Separation and Analysis of Complex Samples. The Shanghai International Forum on Food Safety gained particular attention, said Ryan Loh, Managing Director of MMI Shanghai. The involvement of the China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Analytical Chemistry, the Symposium on Proteomics and Immune and Metabolic Diseases and the Sino-German Satellite Symposium on Advances in High Performance Separation and MS-Detection of Complex Samples nicely complemented the program. Detailed information on the conference program can be found at analyticachina.com.

In two years the Analytica China will open its doors for the seventh time. According to Stephen Lu, Senior Project Manager at MMI, it is possible that there will be an additional hall covering the biotech segment exclusively. We wish a successful preparatory period for 2014.



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