Jan. 13, 2014
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Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award 2013: Abigail Doyle, Steven Spoel and Javier Fernandez

The winners of the Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award 2013 have been announced:

Dr. Abigail Doyle (Associate Professor at Princeton University, USA) wins the "Chemistry" category

Dr. Steven Spoel (Principal Investigator at the University of Edinburgh, UK) takes the "Biology" award

Dr. Javier Fernandez (Associate Researcher at Wyss Institute/Harvard University, Boston, USA) awarded prize in the "Materials" field

The prizes, each worth EUR 10,000, have been awarded by an independent scientific committee of the Bayer Science & Education Foundation. The Bayer foundation presents for the fifth time the international Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award to excellent young scientists in the early stages of their academic careers.

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