Jan. 28, 2015
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BMG Labtech Celebrates its 25th Company Anniversary

In 2015 BMG Labtech celebrates its 25th company anniversary. Since the establishment in 1990, the company has become a world leader in microplate reading due to continuous development of innovative and unique technologies.

Starting as an engineering office in Offenburg, Germany BMG Labtech has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of microplate readers with subsidiaries in Australia, France, Japan, UK, and the USA. The introduction of the Fluostar microplate reader helped BMG Labtech to its breakthrough and brought the company to the forefront of detection technology. Since then, the company has developed a wide range of dedicated and multimode microplate readers for life science applications and high-throughput screening.

To see the future of microplate reading technology visit www.bmglabtech.com.


BMG Labtech GmbH
Allmendgrün 8
77799 Ortenberg
Phone: +49 781 96968 0
Telefax: +49 781 96968 67

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