Apr. 29, 2013
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CASSS: Wolfgang Lindner Wins the 2013 CASSS Award

  • Wolfgang LindnerWolfgang Lindner

CASSS, the California Separation Science Society, is pleased to announce Wolfgang Lindner as the recipient of the 2013 CASSS Award for outstanding achievements in separation science. This annual award honors deserving scientists who have made momentous contributions to the fields of separation science and technology.

This year's winner Professor Wolfgang Lindner received his education at the University of Vienna and the University of Graz in Austria, and was a post-doctoral fellow at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Until recently, he was the Head of the Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry department at the University of Vienna, and has been a member of many committees and boards. The plethora of research Lindner has conducted includes: enantioselective separation techniques and materials, molecular recognition, stereoselective pharmacokinetics, affinity chromatography, derivation strategies used in proteomics and metabolomics, elucidation of molecular recognition phenomena, mycotoxin analysis, food, environmental and pesticide analysis, as well as pharmaceutical analysis of drug substances. He holds 15 patents, has authored over 420 published scientific papers and 12 book chapters.

Outstanding Achievements in Chromatography

Lindner dove into his exploration of chromatography while earning his PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Graz, focusing on the gas chromatographic analysis of toxins in tobacco smoke. His discoveries involving chiral anion and cation exchange phases have greatly impacted our understanding of chromatography. Due to the groundbreaking nature of Professor Lindner's work, he is considered one of the founding fathers within his field.

For his vast achievements in chromatography, Lindner has received a great deal of recognition.

His numerous awards and honors include the Jubilee Medal of the British Chromatographic Society, the Austrian Award for Cardiology, the ACS Award for Chromatography, the Tswett Medal, the 2008 Chirality Medal, the Award of the Belgian Pharmaceutical Society, the Hoechst Prize for Original Science in Medical Chemistry, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and the Martin Gold Medal. He is often invited to present his results at the most prestigious conferences concerning separation science and he also chaired a number of these meetings.

Please join CASSS in the San Francisco Bay Area this fall to recognize and celebrate Professor Wolfgang Lindner for his stellar work in the field of Separation Science. For more information please go to the CASSS website at www.casss.org.

Each year the winner is chosen by members of the CASSS Board of Directors, Associate Directors, and the previous CASSS award winners including Lloyd Snyder, Ron Majors, Ray Dandeneau, Csaba Horvath, Jim Jorgenson, Dick Zare, Fred Regnier, Georges Guiochon, Barry Karger, Milos Novotny, Milton Lee, Pier Giorgio Righetti and Walter Jennings (both in the same year), Shigeru Terabe, Pat Sandra, Jack Kirkland, Klaus Unger, Stellan Hjerten and Michael Ramsey.


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