Jun. 08, 2012
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G.I.T. InnovationsAward 2012 - The Final!

Your Vote Decides!

The time has come: G.I.T. InnovationsAward 2012 - the final! Many manufacturers have submitted their innovative lab solutions for the G.I.T. InnovationsAward 2012. Our independent jury consisting of established scientists from all over Germany has narrowed down the choice from a large number of submissions. In the categories "Analytical Instrumentation and Software", "Biotechnology and Life Science", "Laboratory Equipment & Technology" and "Furniture & Accessories" there are up to 5 nominees that will be introduced in the following. Your vote decides the winner!

It's worth voting!
Every voter is eligible to win an e-book reader and book vouchers.

The poll
Until June 22 you may cast your vote by:

  • clicking here directly

  • visiting our G.I.T. booth at ANALYTICA in Munich, hall A2, booth 310

  • visiting our G.I.T. booth at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, at the passage from hall 5 to hall 6, booth B2

And the nominees are:

• Category A: Analytical Instrumentation and Software

AptiSens: First Solid State Multi-Ion ISE Analyzer
Bruker AXS: D8 Quest / D8 Venture Crystallography Solutions
Horiba Scientific: Fluorescence Absorption Spectrometer for Water Analysis
Postnova Analytics: Bio-/Nanoparticle-Separator: CF2000 Centrifugal Field-Flow Fractionation
Thermo Fisher (Dionex): Integrated Capillary High Pressure Ion Chromatography System ICS-4000 with Charge Detection (QD)

• Category B: Biotechnology and Life Science

Eppendorf: Mastercycler Nexus - New PCR Instrument That Sends Status Emails
Biostep: Phosphor Imager by Biostep
NanoTemper: "Monolith" Uses Microscale Thermophoresis
Presens: VisiSens Measures and Visualizes Oxygen Distributions
Biostep: Microchemi - Digital Chemiluminescence System

• Category C: Laboratory Equipment & Technology

CEM: Microwave with One-Touch App
Carl Zeiss: Combination of FIB/SEM Technology with Laser Ablation for Fast Sample Preparation
Märzhäuser: Automated Sample Handling for Microscopy
Wyatt: Solaris UV System for Chromatography Applications

• Category D: Furniture & Accessories

Skan: Lab-Scale Isolator for Cytostatics
Reichelt Chemietechnik: Chemical-Resistant MFA Tubing
Thermo Fischer: Sola SPE Cartridges for Extraction


We thank our independent Jury PD Dr. Wolfgang Frenzel, Technische Universität Berlin, Prof. Dr. Bernd Knöll, Ulm University, Prof. Dr. Uwe Karst, University of Muenster und Dr. Martin Vogel, University of Muenster.

See you next time!
Many manufacturers submitted new products and innovative solutions. No reason to be sad, if your product has not been nominated. At the next G.I.T. InnovationsAward your new innovation will have the chance to take the lead!

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