Aug. 15, 2012
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G.I.T. InnovationsAward 2012: the Winners of 2012

  • Take a look at the winners of this years' G.I.T. InnovationAwardTake a look at the winners of this years' G.I.T. InnovationAward

We proudly present the winners of the G.I.T. InnovationsAward 2012. Our readers, customers and many visitors of Analytica 2012 in Munich and of Achema 2012 in Frankfurt selected their favorites. All nominated products, are outstanding in their field of application and already have won by the participation in the final round:

The acknowledgment of the independent jury, the attention of all readers, and a strong appearance in the public. The voting was a close run. However, only three companies could climb on the podium in each category.

Our congratulations, as well as a G.I.T. InnovationsAward cup go to the companies Postnova Analytics, Nanotemper Technologies, Carl Zeiss Microscopy and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Category A „Analytical Instrumentation & Software"

1. Postnova Analytics: Particle-Separator with Centrifugal Field-Flow Fractionation

2. Aptisens: Solid State Multi-Ion ISE Analyzer

3. Bruker AXS: D8 Quest / D8 Venture Crystallography Solutions

Category B „Biotechnology & Life Science"

Nanotemper Technologies: Nanotemper's Monolith Uses Microscale Thermophoresis" href="" target="_blank">1. Nanotemper Technologies: Nanotemper's Monolith Uses Microscale Thermophoresis

2. Presens Precision Sensing: Visisens Measures and Visualizes Oxygen Distributions

3. Eppendorf: Mastercycler Nexus: New PCR Instrument That Sends Status Emails

Category C „Laboratory Equipment & Technology"

1. Carl Zeiss Microscopy: Auriga Laser Combines FIB/SEM Technology with Laser Ablation

2. CEM Mikrowellen-Labortechnik: Microwave with One-Touch App

3. Märzhäuser Wetzlar: Automated Sample Handling for Microscopy

Category D „Furniture & Accessories"

1. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Revolutionary Next Generation SPE

2. Skan: Lab-Scale Isolator for Cytostatics

3. Reichelt Chemietechnik: Chemical-Resistant MFA Tubing




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