Apr. 12, 2019
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Köttermann: Restarted

After major changes during the last year, the New Year began with a restart for Köttermann . The assets of the insolvent Köttermann GmbH & Co KG Labortechnik were acquired on December 1, 2018 by the Block group, an international provider of  clean room solutions.

Köttermann ´s business operations, which successfully continued during the reorganization phase, will be continued in full as Köttermann GmbH. The company is now part of the Block group and continues to produce and distribute steel laboratory furniture „Made in Germany“ with 120 employees at its location in Uetze near Hannover (Germany). The product range includes fume cupboards, laboratory furniture, service supply systems and safety storage cabinets. This extends the product range of the Block group including clean rooms, isolators, process and healthcare technologies.

As an integral part of the restart a realignment of the management was made. Mr. Kazim Doyuran, who has worked for the company already since 2002, lastly as Vice President Global Sales, now represents the company as new Managing Director and Chief Sales Officer. As second Managing Director Mr. Jan Mynář, CEO of the Block group focuses in pursuing the group-wide strategy.

A first success message was reported right at the beginning of the New Year: Köttermann again received a declaration of confidence from a big customer. In the next months a large-scale project in Norway will be realised. JOTUN is one of the worldwide leading paint and coating manufacturers.


Köttermann GmbH
Industriestr. 2-10
31311 Uetze
Phone: +49 5147 976 0
Telefax: +49 5147 976 844

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