Jul. 23, 2013
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Metagenomics Studies with Long-Read Amplicons Possible

IMGM Laboratories, a genomic service provider based in Martinsried/Munich, Germany, uses Roche 454 next-generation sequencing systems and their highly experienced sequencing and bioinformatics staff to provide expert metagenomics services, with a focus on 16S rRNA sequencing.

IMGM Laboratories announced the availability of extra-long read 16S amplicon sequencing services using the latest GS FLX+ system version 2.9 software. The improved long amplicon sequencing performance offers researchers more accurate classification of organisms when profiling microbial community samples.

IMGM Laboratories has worked collaboratively with Roche over the last year to optimize long read sequencing results of 16S rRNA libraries on the 454 GS FLX+ system. As an early access customer of the latest software (Version 2.9), IMGM sequenced and analyzed multiple 16S amplicon libraries ranging from 650 - 1,050 bp. The sequencing results showed increased performance, with modal read lengths ranging from 590 to 999bp respectively.

In applications like 16S metagenomics, longer read lengths directly translate into increased biological information content. Extended amplicon read lengths on the GS FLX+ system allow coverage of up to 6 variable regions of the 16S rRNA gene in a single read for more precise taxonomic assignment of organisms in complex microbial community profiling studies.




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