Jan. 23, 2018
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Metrohm Acquires Innovative Photonic Solutions

Metrohm is pleased to announce the acquisition of Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS). With this important acquisition, they continue to invest in strategic growth and enhances the company’s capabilities to further develop a portfolio of Raman solutions.

IPS is the largest producer of Raman spectroscopy diode-based light components in the world. Founded in 2003, the company’s products range from simple components such as packaged diodes and OEM modules that include electronics to complete custom designed systems. Metrohm manufactures handheld Raman analyzers for material identification and verification, providing the perfect basis for a successful partnership between the two companies. A key element of this acquisition is the commitment of both IPS and Metrohm to continue to provide superior customer support and the very highest overall product quality. IPS’s dedication to its customers’ needs and focus to innovate new products as the market demands mirrors Metrohm’s, making this acquisition a partnership that will first and foremost benefit customers.


Metrohm USA, Inc.
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