Jan. 25, 2012
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Qiagen to Provide siRNA Libraries in Labcyte Acoustically Compatible Microplates

Qiagen and Labcyte, the developer of acoustic liquid handling, announced that Qiagen FlexiPlate siRNA reagent libraries are now available in Labcyte Echo qualified microplates. These microplates enable researchers to use the Echo liquid handler to miniaturize the transfer of small interfering RNA reagents.

The liquid handler uses acoustic energy to move fluids without physical contact or the possibility of cross-contamination. There are no pipette tips, pin tools or nozzles involved, which provides unsurpassed precision and accuracy while reducing volume. The advantages afforded by the Echo liquid handler have been published in many peer-reviewed journals and include applications in drug discovery, cell-based analyses, sample management, and assay miniaturization.

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