May. 18, 2011
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Sterilin Bought by Thermo Fisher Scientific: Single-use Laboratory Product Portfolio Expanded

Sterilin got acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific. The acquisition includes a broad portfolio of single-use laboratory products used in sample collection, storage and analysis, including petri dishes, specimen containers, serological pipettes packaging bottles, silicone tubing and fittings, and serological pipettes. Adding this extensive range, enables Thermo Fisher to offer an even more comprehensive selection of premium quality laboratory consumables to its customers worldwide.

The transaction underscores Thermo Fisher's continued commitment to invest in complementary products and services that enable customers to strive for greater performance and productivity. Sterilin products and in-house technical manufacturing expertise have an established reputation for excellence, especially in the UK. Thermo Fisher will leverage its global sales and support organization to make these products more accessible to customers across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.


Thermo Fisher Scientific
450 Fortune Blvd
Milford , MA

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