Oct. 14, 2015
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Webinar: Optimize your results in titration

Basics, troubleshooting and optimization

  • Titration: Basics & Troubleshooting Titration: Basics & Troubleshooting

Learn all there is to know about “Titrations” during a webinar series presented by GIT and Metrohm!

On 27 October at 2:00 pm CET German Time (1:00 pm BST) Dr. Haider (Manager Competence Center Titration, Metrohm) will be explaining the basics of titration especially focussing on the question how to find the optimal titration system for your application. The second webinar on 29 October at 2:00 pm CET German Time (1:00 pm BST) will focus on troubleshooting and optimization.

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