Jul. 07, 2010
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New Powerhouse in Drug Discovery and Development Services

Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre and InhibOx

InhibOx (Oxford, UK) and the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (Cambridge, UK) announce that they have joined forces to create a uniquely powerful drug discovery service offering. Users of the new service will benefit from the shared depth of expertise that includes extensive commercial drug discovery experience and from the leading proprietary technologies developed by the Oxford and Cambridge bodies.
The combined service offers pharmaceutical, biotech and governmental research organizations access to new capabilities to accelerate drug discovery and improve productivity. It includes full-spectrum computer-aided drug discovery (CADD) from receptor site modeling, through lead identification, lead optimization and ADME property prediction to formulation modeling. The new service offers life science companies a step-change in the quality and effectiveness of CADD services through the use of leading proprietary technologies and databases, applied by scientists with deep commercial drug discovery experience.
The two bodies have set up a joint team to commercialize and support the new service and will share operating expenses and revenues. Sales and service operations for the new, combined service are based out of Oxford and Cambridge, UK, and Princeton, NJ. The two organizations will also collaborate on the development of new approaches to bring scientific breakthroughs and productivity benefits to all aspects of computer-aided drug discovery, delivering the greatest possible rigor to the process.


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