Dec. 12, 2014
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Advanced Science Goes Live

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Advanced Science is a new interdisciplinary open access journal of Wiley's journals portfolio covering all aspects of physical, medical and life sciences, as well as engineering. It was successfully launched at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston last week. Advanced Science will publish cutting-edge research, selected through a strict and fair reviewing process and presented using highest quality production standards to create a premium open access journal.

Advanced Science will exemplify the highest quality of interdisciplinary publishing in terms of coverage, quality, speed, international outlook, and services to authors, but in contrast to the other journals will offer open access (CC-BY), something that now even top authors are mandated to follow. The best science with maximum accessibility will be the result.

The APC (article processing charge) includes a frontispiece for each article, along with coverage of the article in news platforms including MaterialsViews and MaterialsViewsChina.


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