Jun. 27, 2011
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Bruker and the University of Zurich Collaborate

Bruker and the Institute of Medical Microbiology (IMM) at the University of Zurich Announce a Collaboration for Mass Spectrometry-based Microbial Identification with Focus on Coryneform Bacteria, Actinomycetes, Fastidious Gram-negative Rods and Moulds.

The IMM is faced with the characterization and identification of challenging microorganisms on a daily base. Therefore, the IMM has developed their own algorithms and workflows for identification and antibiotics susceptibility testing (AST). Their AST approaches are mainly based on Kirby-Bauer testing methods, which are now applied in combination with MALDI-TOF based identification technology.

The focus of the collaboration between the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Bruker is the field of coryneform bacteria, actinomycetes, fastidious gram negative bacteria and moulds. The identification of these microorganisms is one of the most challenging tasks of many microbiological laboratories. The MALDI Biotyper provides a substantial contribution to a more thorough characterization of this group of microorganisms. Furthermore, the IMM microbiologists designed a study to validate the analytical performance of the MALDI Biotyper against their own molecular-characterized strain collection. Based on the results, the MALDI Biotyper reference library will be further extended. This will further improve its proven outstanding identification performance.



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