Dec. 11, 2014
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EMBL: Images of Mouse Neurons Thanks to New Technique

  • Credit: EMBL/Laura CastaldiCredit: EMBL/Laura Castaldi

EMBL presents an image that was obtained through a novel technique developed by Paul Heppenstall's lab in Monterotondo, Italy, which enables researchers to explore tissues in mice in much greater detail than ever before.

The riot of colour before your eyes provides a glimpse at another sense: touch. When something brushes a mouse's skin, or the temperature around it changes, this bundle of nerves relays that information from touch receptors on the skin to the spinal cord and ultimately the brain, where it can be processed and acted upon. Neurons involved in sensing light touch are shown in green, and two different types of nerve cell involved in sensing pain are labelled red and blue.

Original Publication:
Guoying Yang, Fernanda de Castro Reis, Mayya Sundukova, Sofia Pimpinella, Antonio Asaro, Laura Castaldi, Laura Batti, Daniel Bilbao, Luc Reymond, Kai Johnsson, Paul A. Heppenstall: Genetic Targeting of Chemical Indicators In Vivo, Nature Methods (2014). DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.3207

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