Oct. 01, 2012
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Horizons in Molecular Biology

A Symposium for PhD Students Organized by PhD Students

  • Group picture from Horizons in Molecular Biology 2011Group picture from Horizons in Molecular Biology 2011

Horizons in Molecular Biology will take place October 8th-11th 2012 at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany.
If you are looking for an exciting and stimulating scientific symposium for young scientists, the 9th Horizons in Molecular Biology is just the meeting you should be going to. It is a symposium for PhD students organized by PhD students. In contrast to other conferences you are in the focus of attention.

This year Horizons is happy to present 24 internationally renowned speakers talking about the latest advances in various disciplines of molecular biology ranging from RNA structure to protein folding, from virus to Neanderthaler evolution and from NMR to super-resolution microscopy. The outstanding list of this year's speakers includes for example nobel laureate Kurt Wüthrich, synapse researcher Thomas Südhof, synthetic biologist Drew Endy, protein translocation expert Tom Rapoport and autophagy specialist Sharon Tooze.

Take the unique chance to network with the invited speakers and fellow doctoral students during the conference or the various laid-back social activities like a pub crawl, a conference dinner and a party. Have you ever thought about going for lunch with one of the big shots in your field? Here you can, when participating in the „Lunch with the Prof" sessions.

Attend the preceding career fair to gain insights into career opportunities outside of academia. Meet representatives from industry and alternative career paths like a science journalist, a consulting company, a patent lawyer or a space biologist to establish promising contacts with putative future employers.

Gain hands-on practice in powerful techniques like STED microscopy, NMR, Mass spectrometry or Cryo-EM in technical workshops given by local experts from the Göttingen Research Campus.

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