Nov. 06, 2013
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JIB2013: International Days of Biology

  • International Days of BiologyInternational Days of Biology

JIB2013: For its 58th edition, the annual meeting of the medical biologists is naturally thought in an efficiency spirit. In order to place the event as the profession key meeting of the year, the International Days of Biology renew themselves to be lived as a fresh air, a digression outside the laboratory to put things into perspective, to distance oneself from one's job and to see one's daily practice in a more positive way. The JIB event will be held at the CNIT Paris La Défense, France from November 13-15, 2013.

Optimizing the presence of medical biologists on the event is the goal of the International Days of Biology. It is about enabling all the actors and participants in each specialty to gather the fruits of their participation on the long term. By placing the JIB event on the "Laboratories Agenda", whether it is on the congress or on the exhibition, all the medical biology actors find answers and solutions to the different missions they practice in parallel (HR, quality, logistics, finance...) and in their field (hematology, virology, biochemistry...).

Enhance the Highlights to Underline the Need of the Event
The JIB event features about 200 innovations - 78 % of which are presented for the first time. Innovation is always particularly visible on the Innovation Gallery and highlights dynamic structures (SME, start-ups, biotechs...). This area also welcomes event discussions and exchanges between specialists on Paroles d'Experts. Innovation is also emphasized during the Ceremony of the JIB Awards (2nd edition), which thank the constant industry efforts in 6 new categories.

The JIB are committed to answer the hurdles of the new generation and naturally decided to dedicate an area to the future of the youngsters: the Recruitment Sphere proposes on the exhibition practical workshops on résumé writing, application letters, and preparation for an interview.

Finally, the JIB reserve a warm welcome for regional associations, societies, orders, ministries, syndicates or humanitarians on the Institutions Corner which puts together the profession largest authorities.

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