Apr. 29, 2011
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Lovers’ Boxes: Digital Puts the Spark Back Into Relationships

Lovers' Boxes - Artists and engineers at Newcastle University have come together to demonstrate that digital technology can be romantic as well as practical.

Few people mull over a text message, however heartfelt, in the same way as a handwritten declaration of love, but a Newcastle University team is looking to prove that using digital communication doesn't necessarily mean that romance is dead. They have created digital ‘Lovers' Boxes' that draw on the aesthetics of traditional wooden jewellery boxes, but actually contain the latest technology to enable couples to record romantic messages for each other.

Featured in the current edition of the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (May 2011), the initial boxes they designed for couples to trial are made from four different woods (cherry, beech, apple and walnut).

Each box consists of two halves connected by brass hinges, decorated with ornate carvings, with an antique keyhole at the front.

Read more on what happens when you open these Lovers' Boxes

at http://www.ncl.ac.uk/

or in the original publication:
Anja Thieme, Dr Jayne Wallace, James Thomas, Ko Le Chen, Prof Nicole Krämer, and Prof Patrick Olivier: Lovers' Box: Designing for Reflection within Romantic Relationships. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (May 2011) Volume 69, Issue 5.

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