Sep. 12, 2014
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RNAcentral Station: A Resource for All Types of ncRNA Data Sequences

RNAcentral, the first unified resource for all types of non-coding RNA data, has been launched by the RNAcentral Consortium. It aggregates information from a federation of expert databases, and provides tools for easy browsing. The initial release of RNAcentral contains approximately 8 million sequences.

RNAcentral 1.0 offers access to data from ten different expert databases and provides stable accession numbers that can be used consistently in the literature, other molecular databases and search engines. The RNAcentral website features a faceted search, which lets users explore different RNA sequences according to source, species and molecular function. Further expert databases are expected to be included in future releases.

Take a look at the database:

More information on RNAcentral, its included databases and its partners you may find here:

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