Aug. 04, 2014
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SLAS Short Courses at Elrig Drug Discovery 2014

Elrig and the Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) will be hosting n an expansion of its relationship three short courses on the 1st of September, ahead of the Elrig Drug Discovery meeting to be held in Manchester, UK (2-3 September 2014). Bringing this opportunity to Europe will make available to scientists in the region a number of Slas' educational offerings that had, until now, only been made available to attendees of the US Annual Meeting.

Delivered by distinguished faculty, the courses will address a range of timely issues using real-world examples. Respectively, they will focus on High Content Screening, Cell-based Assays and 3D Culture Models, and Laboratory Automation. In the first course, Dr. Eberhard Krausz and Marc Bickle, PhD, will demonstrate the power of HCS through an overview of the components. In the second course Dr. Terry Riss and Dr. Jens M. Kelm will show how to establish cell-based assays and explore technological advances in 3D culture technologies. In the third course, Jonathan Wingfield, PhD, and Malcolm Crook, PhD, will examine various options for successfully deploying automation within a laboratory environment.

Each year, the Elrig Drug Discovery conference provides a communication and learning opportunity for scientists engaged in research fields across drug discovery, bringing together academia, biotech, vendors, and pharma, into a single community. It is now well established as the annual drug discovery event held in the UK, a perfect match for Slas Europe's purpose to advance laboratory science and technology through education about scientific research, and to serve as a public forum for the exchange of information.

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