Dec. 17, 2013
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Top 5 Science Articles 2013

As it is the end of the year we want to continue the tradition of presenting the top 5 science articles that have been read most throughout this year.

1st Place:
PubDNA Finder in a Nutshell
Searching the Life Sciences Literature with Sequences of Nucleic Acids
Dr. Miguel García-Remesal, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

2nd Place:
Multiple-Unit Pellet System for Modified Drug Release
Laura Martínez-Marcos, Prof. José M. Lanao, University of Salamanca, Spain

3rd Place:
Analyzing Next-Generation Sequence Data
Next-Generation Techniques
Graham J. Etherington, Daniel MacLean, The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK

4th Place:
Big Data in Genomics: Challenges and Solutions
In the age of information-driven technologies, is Life Sciences prepared for a big data revolution?
Fabricio F. Costa, Children's Memorial Research Center, Chicago, IL

5th Place:
Limit of Detection and Determination in Real Samples
Useful Quality Criteria for Analytical Methods or Testing Values for Analytical Results?
Dr. Dieter Rinne, Gabriele Wehlke, Hans-Karl Schäfer, Landesamt für Umwelt, Wasserwirtschaft und Gewerbeaufsicht Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Sandra Rinne Dahl, University of Oslo, Norway

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